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Croatian Railways are situated in an extremely favourable traffic position, the railway network is integrated into the European network and it is included in all the modern railway flows.

Attractively situated, Croatia acts as an intersection of routes from Europe’s west to east and from north to south, being the shortest connection of central Europe with the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, the city which is very interesting to tourists, from where one can take a journey to all parts of Croatia.

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  • Available for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days of travel within a 1-month period
  • Available in 1st and 2nd class (Adult Pass)
  • A reduced-price Pass (Youth Pass) is available for travelers under 26 years of age (2nd class only)
  • Children through 3 years of age travel for free, except if a reservation for a separate seat is requested
  • Children aged 4 through 11 years receive a 50% discount on the full fare
  • The Eurail Croatia Pass also entitles you to benefit from bonuses, such as reduced rates at Hilton Hotels.
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